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We Are Here to Help!

We are a fully staffed veterinary urgent care in Springfield, IL that takes same-day appointments throughout the week. 

Can't Get In To See Your Veterinarian?

Five Star is committed to ensuring your pet receives Gold Standard treatment under our care. Whether your pet just needs medications to go home with after an exam or a surgical procedure performed, we are fully equipped to assist you, your pet and your family through the process seamlessly.


  • Emergency Services

  • Internal Medicine 

  • ​Infectious Disease Care 

  • Surgical procedures  (call to see availability)​​​​

  • ​Pain Management Services

  • Chiropractic services

  • Palliative care and end of life services 

We also offer chiropractic consultations and appointments with Dr. Eigenbrod! Call our front desk to schedule a consultation to see if your pet would benefit from an adjustment. Arthritis is painful! Come get your pet some relief today.

We look forward to becoming an integral part of pet parent's lives in Springfield and the surrounding areas! 

Diagnostic Services


  • Radiographic (XRAY) services

    • Dental radiographs as well

    • Ultrasound

    • virtual specialist consultation 

Animal Kingdom

Check out Dr. Kilty's appearance on the Packed Waiting Room with Dr. Josh Gindea.
Click below for full episode!

Dog Waving Paw

If you have a moment, let us know how we're doing!


About Us

Doctors Kilty and Eigenbrod both saw a climbing need for day time urgent care in the Springfield area and surrounding towns. It is common for veterinary clinics in the area to be fully booked and pet parents cant get the care they need, when they need it.


Five Star was made with all pet parents in mind. We are urgent care open during the day, so we can schedule an appointment today to get your pet in to see the veterinarian faster...


And you can stay loyal to your primary care veterinarian!

Its a win-win, really. 

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