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When your pet is suffering from an unexpected illness or injury, or when they simply require general medical attention without waiting for an appointment at your regular vet to open up, we are the provider you need.
Our professional team of veterinarians, nurses and technicians is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of urgent medical conditions and injuries, routine illnesses, and general medical services. 

Urgent Care Services

You can't plan for your dog chewing through an entire bottle of Excedrin just as you're walking out the door to go to work. Call us immediately if you have an emergency and our team will work to get your pet the treatment it needs. 


Feel free to call Pet Poison Hotline if it is an ingestion concern. They are board-certified toxicologists that send us a treatment plan specifically for your pet. 

Internal Medicine

Whether you are the parent of a teacup Yorkie with pancreatitis or a mini schnauzer with diabetes AND pancreatitis, we are skilled in treating these patients in hospital as well as through outpatient care. 

Starting with preliminary bloodwork, we use targeted treatments while monitoring values in order to offer a higher standard of care for our client's animal family member.  We offer in depth diagnostics and pair with specialists to ensure we are considering all options for your pet's health journey.

Infectious Disease Care

Did your dog just test positive for parvovirus, and you need somewhere to hospitalize them throughout the day? Or are you concerned your dog has kennel cough, but can't get into your vet? Did you just find an entire litter of kittens with severe URIs in your driveway?


Give us a call to see our availability for treatment in our isolation wards to get the best care for these animals while keeping other animals safe. 

Surgical Procedures

We are fully equipped to perform exploratory surgeries, foreign body removals, GDV and gastropexy surgeries, c-sections, extensive wound repairs, and even some amputations. 

We keep you updated throughout the entire process and answer all questions before the procedure, so you feel comfortable your pet is under great care at such a critical time. 

Pain Management 

Did you wake up today and your dog can't walk well? Or he is crying out every time you pick him up? 

Bring him in to visit one of our vets to discuss a pain management treatment protocol for him to start while waiting to get into your primary care vet to discuss a long-term plan. 

Chiropractic services are a great option for these patients!

Wound treatment

From coyote attacks to hit by car wounds, we are able to help you and your fur baby through the roughest of days. We are up to date on the latest wound treatment protocols that support the best success. 

Don't wait until the bite wounds are infected, get treatment when the injury happens. 

Don't worry, your family will be back to the dog park in no time!

Palliative Care & End of Life Services 

Nobody ever wants to plan for the day that our furry friends aren't with us, however it is an inevitable part of pet ownership. We are here to help you through the worst day of owning a pet and ensure you feel that your family member is treated with respect and dignity. 


If today isn't the day, call us to discuss palliative care options for terminal patients. We can make the last days more comfortable for you and your pet. 

Diagnostic Options

Bloodwork is an essential diagnostic tool to ensuring your pet is healthy or that medical management is working. We have the ability of running routine CBC, chemistry and electrolyte panels as well as multiple advanced bloodwork options. These include fructosamine, T4, and ProBNP. 

Does your pet have a mass you are concerned with and want a same day pathologist review? We have digital cytology that sends samples straight to the pathologist, so you get an answer and a plan today. 

Diagnostic imaging options that we offer include ultrasonography, as well as dental and full body radiology. We go above and beyond and collaborate with radiology services to be more precise with complex diagnoses or to catch early signs the first time around. 

Veterinary Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic care for pets is a natural therapy that can help pets maintain an active life by improving musculoskeletal health, preventing injuries and helping to correct injuries already present. 


All pets can benefit from chiropractic care from the advanced agility dog to the lazy house cat and all activity levels in between. Veterinary chiropractic is used to treat and elevate pain from orthopedic injuries, hip dysplasia, arthritis and can even help improve urinary incontinence, skin itching, allergies and gastrointestinal issues. 


Veterinary chiropractic adjustments are small, precise, quick movements to correct subluxations and allow the central nervous system to return to normal flow. Most pets enjoy the adjustment and immediate results can be seen. 


Dr. Erika had seen over and over again how chiropractic care can improve the lives of pets and cannot wait to meet your furry family member soon. Call today for a consultation!

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