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Payment Options

All payment is due at time of service. We offer multiple payment options because we know visits to us are never during convenient times. It seems like you only need to go to the vet around the holidays, just before vacation, or when your primary care veterinarian's schedule is booked solid.

That's why we are here to help.
If you have pet insurance please discuss any forms with reception. We work with all agencies!

Common Payment Questions

What will my visit cost?

Our exam fee is $112 and any diagnostics or treatment is additional.  

If I cant pay today what do I do? Sign up for CareCredit!

We encourage you to apply for our payment plan: CareCredit. You get a response quickly on approval and can get your pet the care it needs quickly.

If you do not have an emergency, yay! We encourage your family to do some research on pet insurance because it comes in handy when you least expect it! 

We regretfully cannot send you a bill and we do not yet have a different payment plan installed within our corporation... but keep an eye out we are always looking for innovative ways to help our pet parents! 

I have pet insurance, what do I tell them?

Pet Insurance is a great way to plan for unplanned expenses for your pet! Most of the time, you pay at the time of visit and they reimburse you. We will provide you with invoices to provide them after your pay, and they will send us forms to fax back. Get in contact with them to discuss your individual needs! 

Payment Options

Scan the QR code to get started with CareCredit

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