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Torigen Pharmaceuticals

Torigen Pharmaceuticals is a dedicated team of cancer researchers and veterinarians committed to making a meaningful impact. Addressing the diverse mutations of cancer requires a personalized approach, and they achieve this by tapping into the incredible potential of pets' immune systems. Through their innovative method, they create whole-cell vaccines that embody a wide range of cancerous antigens, facilitating individualized immunotherapy

Their overarching mission is to enhance the well-being of animals by leveraging the inherent power of their immune systems, thereby revolutionizing the approach to cancer treatment.
Unbranded Statement:

At Five Star Veterinary Center , we are at the forefront of autologous cancer immunotherapy. Harnessing the immune systems of pets, we craft autologous immunotherapies that encompass a diverse array of cancerous antigens, tailoring treatments to each individual. Our objective is to expand our reach to more patients, instilling hope in their families, and fundamentally altering the landscape of cancer treatment. Please call our team at (217) 241-2287

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