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Easy Tips To Give Pets A Healthy and Wonderful Life

Whether you’re a long-time pet owner or someone interested in adopting one, we’re sure you’ve wondered how to give your pets a healthy and wonderful life. After all, we show love to them by ensuring they live happy lives.

Taking Care Of a New Pet

All pets have the same basic needs we have. Making sure they have clean water and food, proper exercise, and a safe environment are among the most important things they need. Vaccination, getting them spayed or neutered, and regular check-ups at the vet are crucial to improve their quality of life.

How to Help a Stray Pet

Seeing a stray animal all alone can be heartbreaking. So, how can you help them? Their safety and yours should be considered first. Getting them to the nearest vet can be a challenge so make sure to be cautious (stray animals will be in defense mode!) and be calm around them. Calling for help from the vet, animal shelter, or animal control will make this process easier as they have more experience.

Taking Care of Pets During the Holidays

If you know your pet doesn’t react well to new scenarios, get ready! The holidays can sometimes be filled with noise from fireworks, new people and loud music from parties, none of which our pets really appreciate. Relieve their anxiety by keeping them indoors, setting up their food and water in a calm environment (this is where crate training is important!), and putting their ID tags on, in case they run away. Some veterinarians help moderate cases with medications so please consult with them on the specific needs of your pet.

Summer Pet Care

There are many things our pets could get sick from during the hot and humid months. The easiest way to avoid heat accidents is to make sure your pets have fresh and clean water and to avoid spending too much time outside on hot days. And if you’re thinking that leaving your pet in a car with the windows down or outside all day is okay, that’s a bad idea! Some pets, especially bully breeds or large black dogs, can overheat rapidly and this may lead them to have heat strokes. Heat stroke in a pet is a serious illness and needs to be addressed by a veterinarian immediately.

Cooling down by the lake may sound like a good idea, too, but beware of blue-green algae as it is toxic for pets. Don't encourage or allow them to drink from stagnant bodies of water, because they can get pretty sick! If your dog is ever sick (vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, anorexia) after swimming in fresh water, contact your nearest vet immediately.

Food, Treats, and Toys to Avoid

Raisins/grapes, chocolates, candies, food or gum with artificial sweeteners (xylitol) are among the things you should avoid. While Marrow Bones are often a favorite among dogs, this can give them pancreatitis or cause splinters that require surgery. This goes the same with small toys that can be ingested easily. We have done surgery on many dogs who have ingested rope toys, underwear, socks, and carpet. If you are concerned about your dog being sick because of a foreign body obstruction, x-rays at the vet are an important first step.

By being proactive and by taking care of your pet, you can greatly improve their quality of life. Providing an optimal standard of care is essential to maximizing the enjoyment of being a pet parent and ensuring the long-term vitality and health of our furry friends.

Learn more about how you can help your pets live their best life here at Five Star Veterinary Center.

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