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How to Keep Your Dogs Safe This Summer

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

This is the time of the year we’re all been waiting for. Summer means sun, beach, park, and lots of play sessions outdoors. This is a great time to bond with your beloved pet. But summer also means higher temperatures which can be risky for our furry friends leading to more injuries, skin damage, infections, and heatstroke.

Dogs do not sweat the same way we do. To prevent this problem and enjoy the summertime with your pets, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Keep your dog cool to prevent heat stroke – Keep them cool with air-conditioning, cool drinks, and swimming in the pool. Give them a cooling mat to lie on and offer frozen treats like popsicles. Do not take them for a walk at high-temperature levels.

2. Be aware of cyanobacteria toxicity in your area -- Do not let them drink in the stagnant water that appears dirty such as ponds and lakes.

3. Never leave them unattended in a car – The temperature in the car immediately rises to lead to heatstroke which can be life-threatening for them.

4. Do not give summer bbq and meat bones – Dogs can choke on bones especially if it becomes lodged which can puncture their digestive system. Avoid giving them ribs, wings, and bone legs which are dangerous foods.

5. Keep their paws cool – Try to keep them off any hot surfaces like cement as it can cause burning in the paws and increase body temperature leading to overheating.

Have fun this summer! Hydration is the key to avoid your dog from getting heatstroke during this time of the year!

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