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Things Your Cat Should Not Play With

We all love playtime with our cats. Some of us may even have a few toys we like to play with them. But some things need to be removed from their reach. There are items that are not built for cat play and they can ingest them which could lead to serious health problems.

Here are a few things to look out for so you can make sure your cat is having a safe playtime:

  • Strings and Ribbons

These things can get caught around their neck causing discomfort and even strangulation. Strings, when ingested, could also get stuck in the intestines of your feline friend and cause serious injury.

  • Large Cat Trees

It’s in a cat’s nature to want to perch on high places but for kittens, climbing up large cat trees may do harm too. They could fall on other objects and possibly injure themselves. It’s best to wait until they are 4 months old and have more experience in landing gracefully on their paws.

  • Feathers

These can also get lodged in the throat and stomach of your cats. It may be hard to avoid cat toys with feathers so it’s best to remove them for their safety.

  • Rubber Bands

These can be swallowed by cats and may cause an obstruction in their throat. They also pose a choking risk if they are swallowed whole.

  • Toys With Small Parts/Small Toys

Toys that easily break up can also pose a threat to your cats when ingested. They can cause life-threatening damage to their intestines or could cause a blockage in their throat.

Hopefully, this list will give feline parents some insights into the types of toys that they should stay away from. It is always best to err on the side of caution and maintain a safe and healthy playtime for your pet.

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